by marex, Saturday, February 2nd @ 7:54 pm

Just a little status report about what I’ve been up to since my last blog post.

Since school started again, I didn’t have too much time recently. Most of that little time went into CCSM.

The first thing I put a little work in was the advanced search, which is one of the rather messy code parts of CCSM. Let me first point out the obvious visual improvements. As you can see in the screenshot below, icons were added to the plugin list and it is now more obvious which plugin are enabled and which aren’t.

It is now also possible to display all plugin settings at once, especially useful if there are only a few settings found.

Under the hood I *tried* to clean up the code and make it faster, which was only partly successful. Maybe a treeview, as Christopher Williams suggested, would be the answer.

Speaking of messy code, I also worked a bit on the MultiList settings, which now also support colors. For that purpose I had to code CellRenderer for RGBA colors first. Actually that was easier then I thought, thanks to the pyGTK reference, google and koders. The result can be seen below. Feel free to c’n'p it out of Widgets.py when you need something like this in your own application.

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