Kiba Dock
by marex, Sunday, March 9th @ 2:49 am

Today, I want to introduce Kiba Dock to you. No, I don’t mean that ancient version with the neat physics effects, I mean the full grow dock. I have been using Kiba Dock for some time now, not always as default. Kiba Dock had some serious stabitility problems in the past. Which might be a reason why it has not as many users as Avant-Window-Navigator (who did come up with that name anyway?!) .

But recently Kiba Dock has improved a lot. It’s mostly stable and looks very nice. It has all that little neat animations that makes it look more complete than AWN. It just feels and behaves a lot better. It just works smoothly.

But talk is cheap, so I’ll show you some of it’s features:


Yes, this one is nothing new. I know. But I really like the implementation in Kiba Dock. Really handy to keep your presentation files ready, or do some kind of “files to process” folder. Try it out, I’m sure you can find various usages for it. :-)


Yeah, standard. But still, it is implemented pretty good.


Kiba is configurable. I mean really configurable and not like ‘tweaking 5 basic options’. That’s something I really like.

I wish I could show of some animations, but I feat screen capturing won’t work you that good here.

Many thanks to Daniel “danielb” Beßler for developing this great dock. Keep up the good work! :-)

You can grab it via svn here:

svn co https://kibadock.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kibadock kibadock

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