Profiles and other random thoughts…
by marex, Thursday, May 1st @ 11:56 pm

Is it just me or did the last few weeks just pass like *that*? Strange how fast time can flow… Anyway.

Today I took some time to think about better values / names for the profiles provided in Simple-CCSM.  And that is what I could come up with: Five profiles, one using default setting, two using Wall and two using Cube.

Here is a table which shows the exact settings in each profile:

Any suggestions on these?

BTW. I’m on vacation next week, so I won’t be available.

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  1. : Vadim P., May 2 @ 1:02 am

    I’m not sure why wall is for medium. Cube is what people are impressed by, setting it on advanced seems too high.

  2. : b0le, May 2 @ 1:31 am

    Also, why do you have normal mode for the resize? Rectangle/stretch look and perform much better…

    Also, which focus animation will they be using?

  3. : cornelius, May 2 @ 2:40 am

    Are you considering adding a selector for Focus animation as well? It would be a useful addition.

    - For minimize: Zoom with Minimal (please don’t use Fade at all with minimize since it doesn’t have any visual cues for where the window goes to), maybe also Zoom with Medium, and Sidekick for Advanced.

    - For focus (when a selector is implemented): None with Minimal, Fade with Medium/Advanced, and Dodge with Ultimate.

    - I don’t recommend Glide 1 for both open and close. You could use Glide 1 for open and Glide 2 for close (I guess that was one of the profiles in Ubuntu).

    - You could add wobbly to Advanced.

  4. : Kevin L., May 2 @ 11:10 pm

    My only suggestion is to include Switcher with the minimal profile. Having an Alt+Tab window switcher is something most people have come to expect in their DE. Some of the middle-ranged profiles should also use Stretch for resizing, as “Normal” tends to be quite C/GPU intensive. (I use Stretch on all of my machines because I find rectangle to be unnatural)