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Cleaning up TO DO list

As you might have noticed, Simple-CCSM has changed a lot since my last blog post. Sorry for not keeping you up to date. I admit, I was a little bit too lazy to blog.

First of all, the interface. Well thanks to Mirco “MacSlow” Müller, who pointed me into the right direction, the UI now looks much more Gnome like.

The zoom page (aka accessibility page) was a little bit extended. You are now also able to configure ‘mag’ (aka area zoom).

There is now also an option for enabling ‘expo’ on the effects page.

Probably one of the most wanted change should be the global screen edge widget. At least I enjoy it not needing to start CCSM and searching my way through the settings for changing a few edge key bindings. Sadly this widget might have slowed the Simple-CCSM startup a bit down.

In order to clean my TO DO list up even further, I would like to get some suggestions for the profiles Simple-CCSM should provide. What profiles would you like to have? What should be activated, what disabled? Any suggestions for their names?

You can comment here or just send me an email to marex a_t opencompositing d_o_t org.

One Response to “Cleaning up TO DO list”

  1. Melvin Nieves Says:

    I think there should be an “extreme” type profile. It would have lots of effects enabled, like “fire” window animations. This would not necessarily be the profile most people use every day, rather what you might turn on when demonstrating the power of compiz to a friend.

    Cheers, and thanks for your hard work!