Compiz 0.7.4 is out and it contains improved shaders in the blur plugin. I’ve made changes to the gaussian blur shader, so that it should work on more cards. The blur plugin will work on a lot of radeon/intel cards once support for framebuffer objects and accelerated glCopySubTexImage is implemented in the drivers.

I will not commit (or publish) my patch that replaces the framebuffer object code with glCopySubTexImage, because it results in a very bad performance due to the slow copy operation (5 fps with an intel i915). The drivers will get accelerated glCopySubTexImage and frambuffer objects at the same time, because both need the same changes to the texture management.

Only fglrx users can currently benefit from the changes. They should see a nice performance boost if the new “Independent texture fetch” option is enabled.

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  1. : Eric, April 10 @ 8:16 pm

    Hi! How can I track the progress of “framebuffer objects” and “accelerated glCopySubTexImage” in the intel driver? Is there a bug report or a git branch that you know about?