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Ghosts I-IV

Today, I bought, unusual enough, music. No, I didn’t buy a CD and rip it, I bought the files online. In FLAC (Loss-less codec). Without DRM. Paid and completely downloaded in less than an hour. 36 songs and some really cool wallpapers. For $5 (read: 3.28€). That are 9 Cents per song.

Yes, I am talking about Ghosts I-IV from Nine Inch Nails. Besides being a great NIN fan, I really had to support this project from Trent Reznor. I really hope other musician will notice, and maybe change the way they “promote” their music through their labels.

And yeah btw. the music itself is really nice as well. It has this typical dark melodic (sometimes even a little disturbing) sound, which most NIN songs have. I love it. :-)